Cam Anniversary Tuesday and Members Shows Monday and Thursday

Hey guys  


I hope you will be able to  join me Ill be on a few times threw out the day!!  

Ill have all my videos on my MFC on sale for 2525 from the original 7000 tokens!!!

This week Im going to have 2 members shows!!!  

Monday at 8pm mountian time is the 1st.

The 2nd will be Thursday at 3pm mountian time

Love you guys!!! 

XOXOX Violet

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I love my Mae cuddles.

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Pulled my tomatoes!!! My mom doesn’t know hot to use auto focus

Snowing!!! Yes!!!

1st members show cum video just posted!!

Hey guys! For those who missed my 1st live members show you can now watch the cum show that we had! I hope you all enjoy the show and please email me and tell me when it works best for you to make it to a members show! Love u guys! Thanks

Click here to watch it.

XOXOX Violet 

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Hey Guys!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful humpday!!

Heres my 1st video release!!! Making it a total of 8 videos on my site!! 

Im very excited to share this video with you guys. I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had squirting and making a mess all over this hotel bathroom!! I got to make this video when I was down in San Diego. I was waiting for the people I was sharing my room with and was extremely horny!! I thought why not make a sexy video for my guys! I love playing with my pussy for you guys and squirting and cumming all over for your pleasure!!!

Enjoy my friends!!!

Click here to watch it.

XOXOX Violet

i swear you were just a chill stoner when i first followed you... now your a porn star???

I have been a webcam model for 5 years  I used this site to promote myself  before I could get a pay site made up for myself.  So now I do have a pay site.  Ill still use this as my blog and post my IG pics to here too :D 

New squirt video and Live Member chat on my site tomorrow!

Hey guys!!

I hope you are all having a great week so far!!! 

Its a very exciting day tomorrow!!!  Tomorrow there will be a new video of me squirting and cumming all over the hotel bathroom counter in San Diego! I was soo horny and turned on when I was making this video because I was trying to make it before the people I was staying with came back to the room.

Also its my 1st live member show Tomorrow!!  It will be at 7pm MDT I really hope you guys will come and join me.

Please email me back with when member shows work best for you!!!

Enjoy the video!

XOXOX Violet

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1st email to my website members!!!

Hey Guys!!!

I just wanted to thank you each one of you for joining up to my site over this weekend!  It really means a lot to me that you guys support me soo much!

This week there will be another video out for all of you, making it 8 videos I’ll have available for you guys to watch and have fun with. I hope you will enjoy the next installment.

I also would like to get your feed back on when it would be best to schedule my member shows.  YOU are the member so I need to know when it is best for me to spend time with you!  In memeber chats it will be like my MFC chat room but we will just chill, chat, and play without any topics or stuff like that.

Please check out the Calendar page of the site.  I will update my calendar constantly to tell you if I will be on MFC or when Member shows are. Also you can see the days that Im busy doing something I will update you guys to the best of my ability.  Once we set a specific day for my new video each week I will also have that information posted there.  

Thanks to those of you who bought raffle tickets from me on MFC this last month. The prizes for the one lucky winner with be my last Violet beer stein, last Violet T-shirt, all my vids on my MFC profile, and a one months membership here on my site.  Ill be drawing the raffle this afternoon and will post the winners name on twitter and my news feed on MFC if you would like to find out who it is!  

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend. Here in Canada it is Labour day.  Every Labour day in my Provence theres a CFL football game vs. Calgary and Edmonton.  This is one of the 1st years in a long time that the game actually effects the western standings.  They are battling for 1st place. As you all know, I dont really watch sports, not even hockey!   However theres just this massive rivalry between the two cities that one cant get excited about Calgary beating Edmonton! Ill be watching the game today for sure!!

I wish you all the best and thank you again for your support! 

XOXOX Violet

I’m a head rest.